Painting with Robin Smith - Supplies List

*Supplies with asterisks required for first class.

 *Vine Charcoal- extra soft or Willow charcoal

*White Nupastel

Small Sketchpad

Small, hand held mirror

*Canvas- cotton or linen toned grey (Golden’s Neutral Grey Acrylic works well for tone and color)          

*Brushes: *Please come to the first class with at least 2 or 3 brushes. Pick from the recommended:

Brushes: Robert Simmons Filberts Series #42 #1, #2 ,#4,#6,#8

Brights Series #40  #4, #6

1” flat brush- Bristle or synthetic or sable

Palette Knife (trowel-type, long and thin) at least 2

*Palette Cups: Two: *one for solvent and the other for medium                   

*Solvents: Turpenoid only!  No Turpenoid Naturale, turpentine,or Mineral Spirits.

Medium: Liquin

*Palette: Grey palette (disposable, or make your own with plexiglass backed by grey paper and cardboard ). No White Palettes!

 *Paints : Winsor Newton, Old Holland, or other professional grade

 Colors: ( in order of placement on palette)                

* Flake White W&N made in London NOT new  now made in China, other stiff dry flake white (RCH sold at Art Students League in small jars).                                                                                            

* Cadmium Lemon                                                                                                                              

* Cadmium Yellow                                             

   Cadmium Orange                                                     

* Cadmium Red

* Alizarin Crimson

* Viridian Green

* Ultramarine blue

   Cobalt Blue

   Cerulean Blue                      

* Raw Sienna

* W&N Light Red or Burnt Sienna

* Raw Umber

* Mars Black

Try to get most of the colors. But if this is not feasible, you need to get a minimal collection of the colors with asterisks next to them. 

Aerosol Unscented Hairspray(Suave or Aquanet)

Brush Cleaner Can or Jar with Coil (or perforated tuna can upside down in coffee can half-filled with Turpenoid)

Viva Paper Towels

Clear Plastic Grid Ruler:12”or 18”

View Finder or 2 Mat frame corners